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        Foshan Kehouse Light Steel House Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of modular house, modular villa, modular container house, moduar guard house etc. We are a comprehensive company integrates scientific research industry and trade with main business in the production of light steel structure modular house.

     We adhering to design£¬develop, produce, promote energy conservation and environmental protection of light steel structure modular house as our responsibility. KEHOUSE is willing to actively promote the global housing industrialization wih you.

     Since its creation, Foshan Kehouse light steel house Co.,Ltd insist ¡°super products, super quality, super service¡± as our purpose. Our business philosophy is ¡°solidarity and pragmatic, seeking and pioneering, technology and effective¡±. Always maintain product in colleague's leading position. We have a high-quality technology team, advanced production equipment and detection system, sound sales networks and specialized technical site installation team.

        All for you to rest on heart, live at ease, use for comfortable.

        KEHOUSE devote itself to creat the first brand in modular house industry. Though our market share is not the highest in this industry now, we will be the leader. Because we just do the better modular house.

        Since established, KEHOUSE have been obtained attention of each big media successively.

        So far, we are the core partner of BAIDU in the field of modular house picture. You can check both the appearance and design of our modular house via BAIDU. Meanwhile, we also the chief recommended supplier of HC360 and ALIBABA.

        Our main products include K style modular house, T style modular house modular villa, modular container house, modular guard house, EPS sandwich panel etc. We will offer you comprehensive pre-sale, sale, after-sale service.

        As long as you contact with us, we will provide you with exclusive modlar house service technicians, our specialist will response for you from drawings, transport, installation and disassembling,  remove and so on. Welcome to inquiry by  0086+13902418796.

        KEHOUSE modular house, your modular house, the better modular house.

        The modular house we made are with elegant appearance, low in cost and quick construction. They are precuted at the factory, then sent to installation site for assembly. When all sorts of prefabricated assembled in the order of fixed, they can put into use. At present, our company produce steel structure modular house for construction plant and resident. The modular house for construction plant include flat-roofed and slopes type. As per specifications, they divide into K style and T style. With regard to pricing,the K modular house is cheaper than the T style.The apperance of residential modular house can customized according to your demand. Please ensure the apperance, the room layout you need for the residential. We willl find out corresponding solutions base on your budget.

        What Foshan Kehouse Light Steel House Co.,Ltd pursue all the way? Scientific and practical design, safe and durable products, th price of integrity and sincerely quality service.

        Foshan Kehouse Light Steel House Co.,Ltd's philosophy is to create value for customers, create value for the user, create value for the employees, creates value for the company, create value for society.

        Low cost modular house  :  http://www.kehouse.com   

        Products center of China low cost modular house