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Modular house area calculation rules

Modular house area calculation rules



Total area=L¡ÁW+walkway area+canopy area+stair area


            I,1 floor modular house£º

1¡¢Body area£º¡²MK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³¡Á¡²NK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³=A£¨©O£©

          Or¡²£¨M¡Á1.82£©M+0.16 M¡³¡Á¡²NK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³

2¡¢Canopy area£º1/2¡Á1£¨M£©¡Á¡²NK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³=B£¨©O£©

3¡¢Total area= A£¨©O£©+ B£¨©O£©


            II¡¢2 floor modular house£º

1¡¢Body area£º2¡Á¡²MK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³¡Á¡²NK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³=C£¨©O£©

2¡¢Canop area£º1/2¡Á1£¨M£©¡Á¡²NK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³=D£¨©O£©

3¡¢Walkway area£º1£¨M£©¡Á¡²NK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³=E£¨©O£©

4¡¢Stair area£º1 stair=4.5£¨©O£©£¨one side£©£»2 stairs=9£¨©O£©£¨both sides£©

5¡¢Total area= C£¨©O£©+ D£¨©O£©+ E£¨©O£©+9£¨©O£©


            III¡¢3 floors modular house£º

1¡¢Boday area£º3¡Á¡²MK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³¡Á¡²NK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³=F£¨©O£©

2¡¢Canopy area£º1/2¡Á1£¨M£©¡Á¡²NK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³=G£¨©O£©

3¡¢Walkway area£º1£¨M£©¡Á¡²NK£¨M£©+0.16£¨M£©¡³¡Á2=H£¨©O£©

4¡¢Stair area£º1 sair=16.4£¨©O£©£¨one side£©£»2 stair=32.8£¨©O£©£¨both sides£©

5¡¢Total area=F£¨©O£©+G£¨©O£©+H£¨©O£©+18£¨©O£©

Remark£ºM is the module of the width, N is the module of the length.



Midcourt line=W£¨K¡Á1.82+0.08£©¡ÁL£¨K¡Á1.82+0.08£©

Midcourt line=W£¨K¡Á1.82+0.38£©¡ÁL£¨K¡Á1.82+0.38£©




1¡¢Total area=L¡ÁW+walkwa area+canopy area

2¡¢When calculate the area, should add 0.16m on both side of the length.

3¡¢Normally the width is 3K=5.46m£¬4K=7.28m¡£

4¡¢3K as width, if length is 2K, the area of each room is 19.9£¨aout 20©O),can put 4 double layer iron bed.

5¡¢Each 2K will be one partition,one door and 2 window.

6¡¢Canopy area is 50% of the real area



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